Christmas Saran Wrap Game (Free Printable Challenge Cards)

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Who is not looking for a fun time with the whole family on Christmas? Today I am sharing Christmas Saran Wrap Game instructions with Free Printable Challenge Cards. This fun and hilarious game is suitable for all age groups. With a bit of prep, a plastic cling wrap, and a few small goodies, you can give your family the memories of a lifetime. I have made free printable challenge cards for this game that are also called coal cards. You can print those using a color printer on a cardstock sheet and cut around the edges. You can wrap a few or all of those challenge cards in your saran wrap ball. It all depends on your choice, the number of players, and the size of the ball.

Christmas Saran Wrap Game (Free Printable Challenge Cards)

How to Prepare for the Saran Wrap Christmas Game?

Okay, so you need a few supplies other than free printables for this game. These are the most essential things that you need

  • Saran Wrap Plastic Cling Film Roles x 2
  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Small Goodies
  • 2 Simple Game Dice
  • printed and cut Challenge Cards

Which Items can you add to your Saran Wrap Christmas Ball?

The other things you can add to your saran wrap ball are endless. You can choose the items according to the participants’ genders and ages of the participants but the idea is to add things that can keep the participants excited and make them happy when they find an item. You can add gum, keychains, lip balm, dollar bills, plant seeds, jewelry, nail paints, lip gloss, small toys, notepads, tiny books, pens, pencils, bookmarks, paints, small items from dollar tree, scrunchies for girls, pokemon cards for boys, fuzzy socks, stuffed toys, movie tickets, and endless small prizes according to the choices and needs of the players.

Items and Prizes for Saran wrap Christmas game

Making the ball is simple, just take one item to begin with and start creating a ball while wrapping the Saran wrap cling film around it. Keep adding the prizes and keep wrapping the plastic till everything you’ve collected is inside the wrapped ball and the ball is big enough to be played with.

How to make Saran Wrap ball for Christmas Game

How to Play

The whole family or all the players sit in a circle. Now choose the youngest person to begin the game. This person starts unwrapping the ball while the person on their right starts rolling the dice. The person who is unwrapping can keep the prizes as they keep unwrapping. (They must unwrap and not tear it down). When the person on the right side rolls doubles, the saran wrap ball moves to them and they start unwrapping it and the next person starts rolling the dice. If a player gets a challenge card then they must follow the instructions given on that card.

Christmas Saran Wrap Game with Free Printable Challenge Cards

Free Printable Saran Wrap Christmas Game Challenge Cards to Download

Free Printable Saran Wrap Christmas Game Challenge Cards to Download
Free Printable Saran Wrap Christmas Game Challenge Cards

Here are 18 challenge cards, coal cards or wrap trap cards for the Christmas Saran Wrap game that you can download. 3 of these cards are blank so you can write down your own challenges there. You need to click or tap on each sheet as per the specifications of your device to download the larger printable PNG image.

I hope you will enjoy playing this fun Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Game with your family. I’ll wait for your comments. xoxo

Also, don’t forget to put the wrap in the recycling bin once the game is over.

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