Free Printable Party Games for Kids and Adults

Welcome to  Everyone loves playing games at parties but I have realized that most of the websites only offer ideas for Party games. Printable games are available but such games are very expensive most of the time. So I decided to make this website with high-quality graphics and to provide Free Printable Party Games for kids and adults that you can print using your home printer. These games will fill your party with fun and laughter.

I am adding one or two new games to this website every day. I have made free printable party games for Christmas, Halloween Party, Baby Shower, Birthday, Wedding Shower and Bridal Shower, Family reunions and get-togethers, and Free Printable Games for Kids’ parties. There are easy-to-follow ‘how to play instructions with each of the games but you can also use these game cards to play the games with your own creative variations.

I provide at least 2-3 different designs and graphics for each game so you can print the one that matches the theme of your party.


Free Printable Party Games, Road Trip Games and Games to Play with Family and Friends

Tips for Preparing and Playing My Party Games

Here are a few tips to make playing these games easier for you

  • Print these games one or two days before your party.
  • Keep the number of guests in mind and print one or two extra game cards.
  • Prepare gifts and prizes for the guests in advance. I’ll soon add a post to give you ideas about these gifts and prizes.
  • Get clipboards for each guest so they can play these printed games easily.
  • Keep a sufficient supply of pens and pencils according to the number of your party guests.

Printable Party Games FAQs

What kind of paper should I use to Print these games?

You can print these games on card stock paper or even on ordinary white printer paper. Most of these games are suitable for an A4 size sheet.

What kind of printer is needed to Print these games?

You can print these games using any color printer that you have at home, whether that is an inkjet or a laserjet printer. These games look best when printed in color but if you don’t have a color printer around, you can use a black and white printer for most of the games.

Are these games Free for Personal Use Only?

I have made these games in various designs and various themes so there is a huge variety for you to pick and choose from. Almost all the graphics I have used in these games are original and created by me. Yes, these games are Free for Personal Use Only and you should read the terms of use before downloading and using any of my games.

I hope my games will help make your parties memorable and filled with fun.

Free Printable Party Games

On this website, I have shared

  • Free Printable Christmas Games
  • Free Printable Games for Valentine’s Day
  • Birthday Games
  • Baby Shower Games
  • Bridal Shower Games
  • Halloween Games
  • Thanksgiving Games

and many more fun and free printable party games suitable for kids and adults.

47 Free Printable Games for Valentine’s Day

Free Printable Games for Valentin's Day

I have made 14 cute free printable Valentine’s Day games that I have added to this website. You can also download photo booth props for Valentine’s Day from my website.

Free Printable Christmas Games 

Free Printable Christmas games

A collection of cute and fun-filled Christmas games that can be played by the whole family. You can enjoy the Holiday family reunion and add a lot of fun to the celebration with my free printable Christmas games.

Bridal Shower, Bachelorette, and Hen’s Party Games 

Free Printable Wedding Shower games, bridal shower, bachelorette party and Hens Party games.

There are fun games with pretty graphics to make your bridal shower, hen’s party, or bachelorette party memorable.

Free Printable Baby Shower Party Games

free printable baby shower games

You will get cute games to play with your guests that will also serve as keepsakes for mom-to-be. These games will make your Baby Shower event colorful and cheerful.

Halloween Games

Free Printable Halloween Games

On MyPartyGames you will find Free printable Halloween games for every age group. You can play these games in classrooms, homes, with your family, and also with your friends.

Printable Games for Birthday Party

On this page, I am sharing a collection of adorable free printable games for Birthday Parties. All these games can be enjoyed by kids and adults.

Kids Party Games

I have also made cute games for Kids. These games can be played in classrooms, homes, or any get-together that involves kids.

Family Games

I have also made free Printable Family games. These games can be played at family reunions, get-togethers, and whenever family members want to have some fun.

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