Free Printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Rhyme Clues

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Scavenger hunt or Treasure hunt is loved by kids. It doesn’t matter if they find a hugely expensive gift in the end or only a box of candies or chocolates, the thrill of decoding the clues and seeking the treasure is unmatchable. Today I am sharing Free Printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Rhyme Clues that you can print by using a printer at your home or office. These are 14 beautifully crafted cards with a clue rhyme on each. I’ll guide you about the places where you should hide these. There is also one blank card where you can add something that you like.

I am also adding links to some more Valentine Scavenger Hunt printable clues that I have found across the web so if you won’t like mine, you’ll print those.


Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Rhyme Clues

How to Play

Hide the Scavenger Hunt clue cards at the places that I am instructing underneath. Hand the first clue over to the kids and they should follow the lead from there. Hide a small present, a box of candies or chocolates in the end. The kids should work as a team to make it more pleasant and fun.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Rhyme Clues

Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Rhyme Clues
Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Rhyme Clues sheet 2

Here are two free printable sheets with Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Rhyme Clues. Just click or tap on each sheet one by one and get the printable high-resolution worksheet.

This is where you should hide the next clue sheet

Red color is spread everywhere

Let’s have some Valentine fun

You will find the first clue at the place

Where tooth brushing is done

(Near the washbasin where kids brush the teeth)

Do you like to do exercise?

Do you like to do some tough pushups?

The next clue is at the place

Where there are stored plates and cups

The cupboard where the crockery is stored

I hope this Valentine’s Day will be fun

So I have made all these clues

The next clue is kept at the place

Where you take off and keep your shoes

In or around the shoe closet or rack

Do you keep cookies in a box?

Do you keep treats in a Jar?

You can look for the next clue

Somewhere in the family’s car

Obviously the car

How is the weather outside?

Is this sunny or is there a breeze?

You will get the next clue slip

In the machine where things freeze

In the deep freezer

Have you gotten tired already?

Or do you have stamina and power?

The next clue where you should look

… is the place where you take a shower

In the bathroom

Do you like to play outside?

Or do you like to read storybooks?

The next clue is around the object

Where every hungry person cooks

Around the Stove

I know you are so adorable

I know that you are really witty and able

You will find the next clue

Under that biggest table

Under the biggest table obviously

I love you to the moon and back

My love for you is really deep

Now try to find the next clue

Around the place where you go to sleep

Under your child’s bed

You have done a really good job

Now please just resume the hunt

The big thing on which we watch movies together

Just look at its back and front

Around the TV

The hunt is now coming to an end

Are you aware and were you told?

You will find the treasure at the place

Where the food is kept fresh and cold

In the refrigerator

I have also collected links to some more fun hunts that are prepared by others and here are the links to those

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