Free Printable 5-Second Valentine’s Day Game

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5 Second or Five Second is a game of quick reflexes and memory. Today I am sharing 33 Free Printable 5-Second Valentine’s Day Game cards and 3 blank cards in two different designs.

This is a fun game for big groups so you can play it at your office party or at any party at your home where a lot of fun-loving people are getting together. This game is inspired by the Five-second rule game but I have created original free printable cards for this fun Valentine’s Day Game. I have enclosed the printable cards in secure-to-download zip files and I have made this game in two different designs.

Free Printable 5-Second Valentine's Day Game

How to Play

Method 1: Divide the players into two teams, on their turn the team will choose a member who will be on the hot seat. Set the timer to 5 seconds. Ask the player to name three Valentine’s Day-related things by answering the question that is written on the card. If the player answers the items correctly within 5 seconds then the team scores a point. If they are unable to give the answer correctly, the same question will be asked to the second team. They should choose 3 different things and cannot repeat any of the things chosen by the first team. If they name three things correctly then they will score a point. Then ask the same team another question that they have to answer as per their turn. In the end, the team that scores the most points wins.

Method 2: Players sit in a circle, shuffle the cards and put those face down in the center. Choose the youngest player to draw the first card. He or she should name 3 things written on the card within five seconds. If the player is unable to name 3 things correctly then he or she should pass the card to the next player who should name three things within 5 seconds without repeating the ones told by the first player. Then they will also draw another card that they were supposed to draw on their turn. For naming 3 things correctly the player will keep the card with them. In the end, the player with the most cards wins.

You can also play this game in other ways as well. The main objective is to name three answers related to Valentine’s day that are asked on each card. You can also create rounds for this game if you are playing in big groups.

Free Printable 5-Second Valentine’s Day Game

Free Printable 5-Second Valentine's Day Game

This is the first set of this fun Valentine’s day game. Just click or tap on this thumbnail image and a zip file with three printable 5-second rule game cards will be downloaded to your device. Just extract it, print it, cute around the edges and your fun game is ready.

Free Printable Five-Second Valentine’s Day Game

Free Printable Five-Second Valentine's Day Game

This is the second design for this fun game. These cards have the same prompts but the design is different. Feel free to print this game in this design if you like it more.

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