Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Game with Clue Cards

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Today I am sharing a Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Game with Clue Cards. There are 9 Rhymes clues given on the cards and there are 3 blank cards as well where you can add your own clues. I have also collected links to Easter Scavenger Hunt Games from the net. I am sharing those links at the end of this page.

Scavenger Hunt is a fun activity for kids and kids can play this fun game separately and also as a team.


Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Game Clue Cards

How to Play

Hide the Scavenger Hunt clue cards at the places that I am instructing underneath. Hand the first clue over to the kids and they should follow the lead from there. Hide a small present, a box of candies or chocolates in your bag and give it to the kids in the end. The kids should work as a team to make it more pleasant and fun.

Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Game Clue Cards

Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Game Clue Cards
Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Game Clue Cards

Here are the free printable two sheets of Easter Scavenger Hunt clue cards. Just click or tap on each sheet one by one and you will get the bigger high-resolution image.

Here are the rhymes and the places where you should hide the game cards.

Bunnies are hopping everywhere

Let’s have some Easter fun

You will find the first clue at the place

The place where laundry is done

You should hand over this first card to the kids and hide the next in the laundry room.

Did you hear some sound right now?

Was that a sneeze or was that a hiccup

You will find the next clue in the cabinet

Where there are stored plates and cups

The third clue should be hidden in the crockery storage cabinet

I hope this Easter Day will be fun

So I have made all these clues

The next clue is kept at the place

Where you take off and keep your shoes

You should hide the next clue in the kids’ shoe cabinet.

Does your granny live nearby?

Or do the grandparents live afar?

You can look for the next clue

Somewhere in the family’s car

Obviously, the family’s main car is the next place.

You are really intelligent

And you are nowhere close to a fool

Now for the next clue search the thing

Where we put things so they cool

The refrigerator

I love you to the moon and back

My love for you is really deep

Now try to find the next clue

Around the place where you go to sleep

The next place is the kids’ bedroom

The hunt is going pretty fine

Without any cheating and with no hack

Now for next clue search the area

Where you usually look for a snack

Any cabinet where snacks are stored.

This hunt will end up in a treat

And you are doing a pretty good job

Now just keep going and having the fun

Just look for the clue around the hob

The next clue should be hidden near the kitchen stove

The hunt is now coming to an end

Did you see a lizard or saw a bug?

You will now get the treat

If you go and give your mom a hug

Give them the treat when they give you a hug. If you are a dad who is setting up the game then give the treats to mom. You can change the rhymes as per need using the blank cards that are added to the sheets.

I hope you will enjoy these games. Now here are some more Easter Scavenger hunt games from the net.

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