26 Fun Christmas Games for the Whole Family

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I have compiled a list of 26 Fun Christmas games that you can play with the whole family. Christmas is the time to put the gadgets away and spend some cozy moments with the family. These family fun times will make great memories for your kids for the years to come. You can play these games with your immediate family and also with a big group of extended family. I bet that all family members will enjoy themselves and have a great time.

26 Fun Christmas Games for the whole Family
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1. Two truths and a Lie

This is a fun family game where each person writes down two truths and a lie and the family members have to catch the lie. You can download this game here.

2. Christmas Bingo Game

Bingo is an all-time favorite and this version of the Christmas Bingo game is super pretty. You can download these fun Bingo cards here.

3. Cookie Decoration Contest

Who can decorate the best cookies without eating till the decoration is done? Provide the family members with cookies and stuff for decoration and see who decorates these best.

4. Charades

Charades is a fun game. Divide the players into teams and let the fun begin. You can get some fun charades ideas here.

5. Blindfold drawings

Blindfold each player, give them a pencil and paper, and ask them to make Christmas drawings. You can give them these instructions, draw a Christmas tree in the center of the page, now make some presents at its bottom, draw a fireplace on the left side, and hang some stockings on the fireplace and keep going on.

6. White elephant

This is another fun Christmas game and you can get the tutorial here.

7. Ticking Present

Set ticking sound on a cellphone and put it on a present and hide it in the room. Blindfold all the players and they have to look for the present only by following the ticking sound. You can hide several presents and play this game as many times as you like.

8. Musical Chairs

This game is an all-time favorite. Count the players and arrange the same number of chairs minus one in a circle. The players will walk around the chairs as the Christmas music is playing, when the music stops everyone tries to sit and the person who is left standing should leave the game and take a chair along.

9. Dancing Statues

This game is easier for kids but the whole family can play this. You can read the detailed instructions for playing this game here.

10. Toilet Paper Snowman

Divide the players into teams and give one player of each team a roll of toilet paper. The objective is to wrap the other person from head to toe with this toilet paper within three minutes.   When the time is up, the team with the best snowman will be the winner.

11. Stocking Guessing Game

Fill up a large stocking with assorted Christmas objects like a candy cane, a Christmas ornament, a small bell, and other Christmas-related as well as household items. Give each player a pen and a paper. They can touch and feel what is inside the stocking for 30 seconds each and then have to write down what they feel is inside the stocking. The player with the most correct answers wins.

12. Christmas Taboo

Choose a word that frequently comes up in a conversation during the holiday season for example gifts, shopping, Christmas, etc., and declare it the Taboo word or you can choose a more commonly chosen word like it, this, the, etc. Now after declaring the word Taboo, no one is allowed to use that word in the conversation and the objective of all the players is to make others say this word. The person who is caught saying the Taboo word will be eliminated from the game and the last player left is the winner.

13. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This is the Christmas version of the Pin the tail on the donkey game. You can download the printables here.

14. Smelling Competition

Prepare a small number of items with distinctive smells like ground cinnamon, cocoa powder, etc. Place the items on a tray and cover them with a cloth. The blindfolded players will take turns and smell each item. After that, they should go to the other room, remove the blindfold and write down the names of the items that they have smelled. The person with the most correct guesses wins. You can vary the difficulty level according to the age group of the participants. You can add a smelly sock of some kid to give this game a naughty twist.

15. Who Sits first

This is more of a kids’ game but the whole family can get a bit active and play this game regardless of age group. Play some Christmas music and as the music stops, the players will have to drop down on the floor as quickly as possible (Grandma and grandpa can sit on the sofa). The first person who sits will win.

16. Tell a Christmas story

There are no winners or losers are in this game but this game will assure some quality fun time. All the players will sit in a circle and one person starts telling the story, then he or she points towards another player who will quickly resume the story. Everyone should take turns and the last player should conclude the story. Tell the players to include Santa, Sleigh, Reindeers, Christmas, and Christmas tree in the story.

17. How many Ornaments are on the Christmas Tree

Each family member will have to guess the number of the ornaments on the Christmas tree. The person with the closest guess will win.

18. Shadowgraph

Hang a white curtain or screen that is a bit translucent; turn the whole room dark and burn a candle or light at the back of the screen so a shadow that others can see can be formed on the screen. Divide the players into two teams, one player from each team will go behind that curtain and mime an act that his team members will have to guess, like a Christmas movie or character. You can use these charade cards for this game as well.

19. Draw a Carol

Divide the players into teams. One player from each team has to think of a carol and draw it and the rest of the team members should try to guess it. Yes, this is exactly a Pictionary game but with Christmas carols.

20. Christmas Ornament Relay

Divide the players into two teams. Have the players seated and start the ornament relay at each side. The players must pass the ornament with two feet and it shouldn’t hit the floor. If it hits the floor, bring it back to the first player and start it again. The team that makes the ornament reach the last player first wins.

21. Guess Who?

Write down the names of all family members on pieces of paper and put those papers in a bowl or hat. Now players will take turns and draw one name from those and imitate that person. The rest of the family members will have to guess the person whose name is drawn.

22. Telegrams

Give each player a piece of paper with the word Christmas written at the top. Ask the players to make a sentence by using each letter of the word. For example, Cute Hanna Rice is so tall, majestic, and stylish. You can ask the players to write telegrams by using the letters in their own First names.

23. Would you rather Game

Here is a free printable for this fun family game.

24. Reindeer Name Scramble

This is a fun game for the whole family. You can download this game here.

25. Oven Mitts Gift Unwrapping Game

This game is hilarious. You can read the detailed instructions here.

26. Christmas Family Feud

Play the Christmas version of this iconic game at your home. Have some fun time with your family with this game. You can read the instructions here.

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