16 Fun Drinking Games for Christmas

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Here are some fun Drinking games that you can play at family dinners, office parties, and some cozy get-togethers. All these games are meant for adults only. These games will spice up the holidays and will help you get a wonderful time. Some of these games may sound goofy and pointless but trust me that in the end everyone will get tipsy and will be having fun.

16 Fun Drinking Games for Christmas
16 Fun Drinking Games for Christmas

1. Drink if Game

Drink if Game is a fun Christmas drinking game that will give everyone a chance to have a jolly good time and to get tipsy. You can play this game at your office party or at your home with a large group of people.

2. Flip It and Drink it

Everyone will take turns in flipping a coin. They have to guess heads or tails when they flip and they have to drink if their guess is wrong.

3. Drink with a Christmas Movie

Just turn on a Christmas movie and take a shot when someone says or does something specific. This site has some wonderful ideas about 23 Christmas movies.

4. Tissue Paper Shot Race

Give each player a straw. Give one of the players a piece of tissue paper and tell them to pass it to the next player only with the help of the straw and without using their hands. They should place it at the end of the straw and breathe in so the tissue paper won’t fall. The player should pass the tissue paper to the next player and they should keep passing it until someone makes it fall. That player will have to take a shot and the game will resume again.

5. Roll the Dice Drinking Game

This is a simple drinking game for not only Christmas but for any party. Just take a die and roll it. The person who rolls the lowest number will have to drink.

6. Christmas ABC

All players sit in a circle and the first player says a Christmas-related word that begins with the letter A. . The next one should say a Christmas-related word that begins with the letter B but also needs to include the word that begins with A.  As the game continues around the circle, each player should repeat all of the previous words and add a new word that falls on the right letter in the alphabet. The person who cannot think of a word or simply messes up will take a shot and leave the game.

7. Christmas Tree Drinking Game

You will need six glasses and your favorite drink. Fill the glasses and put them in a horizontal pyramid like a Christmas tree with three glasses at the bottom and one at the top. The players will have to roll a die and they have to drink from the glass at the top if they roll a 1 and if they roll a six they will have to drink from the last glass. If they roll a number where the glass is empty, they have to refill it. The game ends when they have had enough.

8. Christmas Trivia

Download the answer key to Christmas Trivia here and as each player one question. The person who gets it wrong has to drink. The person who gives the right answer is safe.

9. Truth, Dare, or Shot

Play the normal Truth or Dare game and if a person doesn’t want to tell the truth or perform the dare, they can take a shot.

10. Christmas songs

Tune in to some radio station and every time you hear the word Christmas, DRINK.

11. Drunk dice game

Just take turns and roll the dice

  1. You drink
  2. You drink twice
  3. Pick someone to drink
  4. The person on your left drinks
  5. The person on your right drinks
  6. Everyone drink
  7. Hide and Drink

Play it like a regular hide-and-seek game. The only difference is when the hiding person gets caught, he or she has to drink.

12. Shots, Paper, Scissors

Divide the players into pairs. Players start each round by saying, “rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” On “shoot,” each player holds out their fist for rock, flat hand for the paper, or their index and middle finger for scissors. Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock. The loser of each round will have to drink.

13. Sing the Song

Everyone sits in a circle and one person starts a Christmas song by singing the first line, the next person will have to sing the next line but the one who messes it up has to drink.

14. Christmas Dinner drinking game

Drink every time someone asks you or tells you about one of these areas, which are Job, love life, or kids.

15. 12 days of shots

Play the song 12 days of Christmas and take a shot on each new day.

16. No First Names

Give each player one of these cards as their name or give them a reindeer name. Everyone else should call them by these names instead of their real names. The person who gets caught calling others by their first name will have to drink.

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