Free Printable Summer This or That Mind Match Game

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This or That is a very popular game and today I am sharing the Summer version of this game. This game is suitable for all age groups and you can play it in various ways. This game can be played on the beach, on summer road trips, at a party, or at your home during the Summer break. I have made printables for this game in two different designs and you can print the game in the design that you like.

How to Print Summer This or That Game

You need an A4 size white printer paper and a color printer. Just click on the thumbnail of the game card in the design of your choice and the larger high-resolution PNG image will open up that you can print. You need to print the copies as per the number of players.


Supplies Needed to Play this Game

  • Printed game cards
  • A pen or pencil
  • Prizes for the players whose answers match the most
Free Printable Summer This or That Mind Match Game

How to Play

Method 1

Print the game cards and give one to each player. Ask the players to check the choices they would make. Once they are done checking all the options they should look for the player who has the most similar choices as theirs. Any two players with the most common choices between them get prizes.

Method 2

Print the game sheets and give one sheet to each player. Declare one player the answer key. That player can be a parent, a kid, or any other player. Now the rest of the players should try to read the mind of that player and try to guess the choices they have made. The player whose answers are closest to that player wins a small prize.

Free Printable Summer This or That Mind Match Game

Free Printable Summer This or That Mind Match Game

This is the first printable game sheet for this fun Summer game. This game card has a blue background and it has a beautiful kite made on it. If you like this polka-dotted game sheet then just click on the thumbnail and save the larger printable sheet that opens up.

Free Printable Summer This or That Game

Free Printable Summer This or That Game

This is the second design for the game sheet of this summer game. The background of this game card has a chevron pattern. The choices provided in this game card are identical to the ones in the card above, but the design is different.

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