Free Printable New Year 2021 Photo Booth Props

Here are more than 20 adorable and Free Printable New Year 2021 Photo Booth Props that you can print for your new year party. These props are perfect for teen’s new year party and adults new year’s party. These cute props have a color scheme of black and gold glitter. The glitter won’t print as metallic but it will look super awesome in photographs. You just need to print these props, cut around the edges and stick on canes or sticks. These props will add so much fun to your new year photo booth photographs and to your new year party.

Free Printable New Year 2021 Photo Booth Props

All the images that I have used in these props are original and created by me. Please do not use these images other than Photo Booth Props or New Year Party’s decorations. You are not allowed to use these images in your work or share on your websites.


2021 New Year Photo Booth Props

Free Printable New Year 2021 Prop

2021 New year Prop Black

Two beautiful props for the year 2021. One is difficult to cut as it doesn’t have a background and you have to cut all the white spaces out. Other is a gold on a black background and very easy to cut around the edges.

Bow Ties Photo Booth Props

Bow Ties Photo Booth Props

I have made three adorable bow tie props in black red and pink colors. Add fun and glamor to your New Year photographs with my party props.

Champagne Bottle New Year Photo Booth Prop

Champagne Bottle New Year Photo Booth Prop

Which party is complete without champagne? I have made this adorable champagne bottle with all the glitters.

Free Printable Champagne Glasses Props

Free Printable Champagne Glasses PropFree Printable Champagne Glasses Props

Cute champagne glasses to make having the photo booth at the new year’s party real fun.

New Year Masks Photo Booth Props

New Year Mask Photo Booth Prop 1New Year Mask Photo Booth Prop 2

These are my very favorite props. New year masks made with glitter.

Hats Props for New Year Party

free printable hat prop for new year party happy new year hat prop

Here are two new year’s hats props. One of these hat is plain with a gold ribbon and other says ‘Happy New Year’.

Lips Props

Red Lips Propsblack lips propsglitter lips props

I love lips props so I have made 3 sets of lips in 3 different colors. One is red, other is black and the third one is in black and gold glitter.

Party, Cheers and Kiss me Props for Photo Booth

Party Prop for New year Photo Booth Kiss me prop for New year Photo Booth Cheers prop for New year Photo Booth

Here are the three must have props for a new year’s party. One is party prop, other is a speech bubble that says, kiss me and the last one is a speech bubble that says ‘cheers’. Just click on these thumbnails one by one and keep on saving the big PNG files. These are very crisp to print, just as good as PDF files.

2021 Sun Glasses Prop

2021 Sun Glasses Prop

This is a 2021 sun glasses prop. I just love it.

Drunk and Not Drunk Photo Booth Props

drunk propNot drunk prop

These are the last props to add some laughs to your party. One arrow with black glitter to point at the drunk person and the gold arrow to point at the not drunk person. You can use these arrows cleverly in your photo booth to get super fun pictures.

Please feel free to share your comments about my props and also share the link to my post on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

12 thoughts on “Free Printable New Year 2021 Photo Booth Props

  1. Thanks, just printed these to use at Christmas gathering since we won’t be together for New Years

    Have you made 2018!yet? I’m not skilled enough to change numbers.

    Thanks again for all these photo props, we will enjoy using them, I started this “tradition” last Christmas wth props from another site but like all yours much better!

  2. Thank you so much!! I am home every year with my kids and decided to make it a bit more fun and you had everything I was looking for!!! Happy New Years!!

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