Free Printable Shots and Ladders, Ladies Night Game

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Shots and Ladders is a contemporary, unique, and exciting drinking game for Ladies’ Night. This is suitable for adults and you can play this fun game at a bar or at your ladies’ Night party. This game is a mix of the very popular Snakes and Ladders game and also the truth or dare game. This fun game will leave everyone a bit tipsy by the end of the game.

Shots and Ladders, Ladies Night Game

Supplies Needed to Play this Game

  • One printed game sheet. You can print the game on an A4 printer sheet using a color printer. You can also get the game sheet laminated so you can use it again.
  • A die
  • Some small items that can be used as tokens such as charms or mini makeup items. You can also use tokens from another game.
  • Drinks
  • A group of fun-loving ladies
  • A prize for the winner
Free Printable Shots and Ladders Ladies Night Game

How to Play Shots and Ladders

Print the game board and put it on a table while the players sit around the table. The objective is to reach the final square first (Well the real objective is to have loads of fun). Each player has to choose a token in the color of her choice. One player rolls the die, counts the squares, and moves the token accordingly. If a player lands at the head of a snake, she should lead their token to its tail. If a player lands at the bottom of a ladder, she should move the token all the way to its top. If they land on the box that says take a shot, they should take one and give one if they reach that box. The player can choose between the truth or dare in case of landing on that box. This game is a lot of fun and the lady who reaches the finish box first wins a prize.


Free Printable Shots and Ladders, Ladies Night Game

Free Printable Shots and Ladders, Ladies Night Game

This is the printable game sheet for this fun game for the ladies. Just click on the thumbnail and save the larger sheet that opens up.

Shots and Ladders game for adults

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