Free Printable Ladies’ Night Taboo-Inspired Game Cards

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Taboo is a fun game and you can play it at a party or with a group of friends. Today I am sharing Free Printable Ladies’ Night Taboo-Inspired Game Cards. You need to print these cards on a card stock sheet or regular printer paper cut each card around the edges and your fun game will be ready. I have made these cards in hot pink color. You will use a color printer to print these cards.

Free Printable Ladies' Night Taboo Game Cards

How to Play

To play the Ladies’ Night Taboo game, you need to print the game cards in your preferred design and cut them around the edges. Then, place the cards in a basket or jar. The rules of the game are straightforward. Firstly, divide the players into two teams. One member of a team draws a card and describes the primary word written at the top of the card to their team members. However, they cannot use the taboo words written on each card while describing the word. The other team members have only one minute to guess the word written at the top of the page. If they fail to guess, they will lose a point, and the turn to draw a card will pass on to the other team. On the other hand, if they make a correct guess, they will receive a point, and another person from their team should draw another card. You can also read the detailed rules on wikiHow.


Free Printable Ladies’ Night Taboo-Inspired Game Cards

These are three printable sheets for this game of Taboo. You need to click on each sheet one by one so the larger printable game cards will open up. There are 21 game cards with Taboo words on them and 36 blank cards that you can fill in as per your choice.

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