Free Printable Picture Bingo Game for Kids

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Bingo is one of the most popular party games so here we are providing adorable Bingo cards with pictures so it is easy to play even for those kids who cannot read yet. This is a cute and fun game that kids of any age can play on a birthday party, in classrooms and on any event like Christmas or Easter when many kids have gotten together and you want to keep them busy and entertained at the same time. Here you will find Free Printable Picture Bingo Game for Kids in form of printable game cards. You can print this game on any computer paper that you have at home and if you want to make it look more fancy for a party, you can also print it on card stock paper. These Bingo Game Cards have bright and cute pictures that kids would love such as giraffe, lion, strawberries, jug, balloon, clown, cake, owl and many more cute and colorful objects. This would be a good learning game for younger kids and a fun and entertaining game for older kids.  There are just four rows on each side in this game so it is not that difficult even for younger kids.You should just clearly explain the game rules to kids before they have started playing it.

Free Printable Picture Bingo Game for Kids


How to Play

Download the zip file of free printable picture bingo game cards from this page and unzip the file in your desired folder. There are10 game cards with different pictures in different bingo boxes. If the number of kids is less then or equal to ten then these cards will be enough. You will have to print duplicate cards if the number of players is more than 10.

Distribute the printed Picture Bingo cards among the kids along with a pen or pencil. Now take the Caller’s Checklist in your hand and start calling names of objects shown in pictures randomly. Ask the kids to cross the one you have announced. Any kid who will get four boxes in a row either horizontal, vertical or diagonal should yell ‘Bingo’ and he will be the winner.

If two kids finish a line almost together then the one who yells ‘Bingo’ first will be the winner.

Free Printable Picture Bingo Game Cards

Free Printable Picture Bingo Game Cards

This Bingo game has beautiful graphics that will fill your kids party with fun and colors. Click here to download the zip file in which 10 picture bingo cards and 1 caller’s checklist is included.


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